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Succeed in online trading with the EXANTE brokerage company

Enjoy trading with the EXANTE brokerage company!

If you are seeking a reliable broker for a long-term cooperation, then EXANTE established by Kirienko can meet your expectations. However, we should note that this broker is not for newcomers due to its fairly large starting deposit. On the other hand, experienced traders will find a slew of attractive options here. You will be delighted by the possibility to trade on all popular venues from one account. With a huge number of tools at hand, you’ll be able to create the perfect investment stock portfolio.

Commissions of the EXANTE broker

Here you will have to deal with two key types of commissions:

  • For margin trading with leverage: This commission is charged daily. It’s calculated on the basis of the excess of the margin requirement regarding the available balance. The commission accounts for 100% of the excess amount, while the margin call will cost you €90.
  • The site has average commissions. For example, for the MICEX index, the average commission is 0.01%, while for the US exchanges it amounts to $0.02. Therefore, we recommend you to specify the commission for each specific financial instrument in your personal account.

There’s a possibility of closing a trading position by voice. You can do it for €90.

We should note that the brokerage company EXANTE does not charge a fee for maintaining an account when it’s active, as many other companies do. So, you can not trade for an unlimited time, and you won’t be charged a penny.

EXANTE trading platform

You can trade either through a web platform or choose to install a desktop terminal. We should note that the latter has a great choice of features.

The main elements of the terminal include:

  • The left section offers a set of available tools grouped into categories.
  • The central section provides basic information about the financial instrument. It can be a currency pair chart, an option board, etc.
  • The right section hosts the quotes window.
  • The bottom section provides information on open trading positions and your account balance.
  • In the upper section, you can find a list of tools, option boards, and a quotes window.

EXANTE demo trading

If you want to practice trading with this broker without sacrificing your real money, you can open a demo account. Well, a demo account is no different from the real one except for the fact that in this case, the trader receives the quotation data with a delay of at least half an hour. On a real account, you will not have any delays in getting the quotation data. You can effectively use a demo account to learn trading futures and stocks.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

If you expect to see a dozen ways to deposit your account, we are sorry to disappoint you. The broker founded by Alexey Kirienko supports only bank transfers. You know that it’s a standard practice for brokers working in the western market. The term for bank transfer processing is up to 5 working days. There are no restrictions on the minimum withdrawal of funds.

For any withdrawal amount, the commission is fixed at 30 EUR/GBP/USD and is charged above the withdrawal amount. So, if you intend to withdraw $100, then EXANTE will write off $130. By the way, the bank may charge a commission from the withdrawn amount and its size depends on the particular bank.

When withdrawing funds, you will require filling out an application specifying the following information:

  • The withdrawal amount;
  • Your account number;
  • The name of the recipient;
  • The bank address where the broker should send money;
  • Swift and IBAN.

The broker processes the application throughout the day. So, you’ll get your money the next day at best. However, if you take into account the term of payment processing by the bank, then you will have to wait for at least a couple of days.

Hurry up to join EXANTE

If you study EXANTE broker reviews, you will learn that except for a relatively large starting deposit, traders don’t have any reasons to complain. Indeed, the broker’s reputation is excellent. Needless to say that the absence of legal issues with regulators makes this broker very attractive for cautious traders because every investor wants to save his money.

The warm attitude to its customers is reflected in the broker’s customer service. It’s very polite and responsive. Feel free to call them at any time of the day and your problem will be successfully tackled.