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Stick with Alexey Kirienko and EXANTE

Getting started with EXANTE founded by Kirienko

Well, you’ve just made up your mind to try your hand at online trading and you’ve chosen the EXANTE broker for a long-term choice. That’s a good decision of yours but don’t hurry without learning these basic facts here below.

Contrary to the popular belief that working in the foreign exchange market requires financial and economic education, some traders achieve outstanding results without any education. However, at the same time, only those traders who understand the basic principles of the Forex market can succeed. Therefore, you’d better start your career as a professional trader with proper training.

Training with the EXANTE broker

It’s not easy to understand the whole structure of the foreign exchange market and begin to effectively apply the acquired knowledge in practice. The network is flooded with sites, forums, and blogs about Forex, but as a rule, the information posted here is not trustworthy.

Considering the limited amount of high-quality knowledge, you’d better rely on professionals with sufficient experience not only in the foreign exchange market. For example, established by Alexey Kirienko, EXANTE offers advanced training courses. The broker will help you to choose the right educational program and a convenient schedule.

Choosing the right broker

Even a well-trained trader is bound to lose his money if his ambitions and effort aren’t adequately backed by a reliable Forex broker. If you decide to stick with EXANTE, you won’t regret making this decision. This broker is 100% reliable. It strictly adheres to the requirements of the SEC watchdog.

Registration of a trading account with EXANTE

Registering your personal account on the official website of EXANTE is a standard procedure every novice trader should undergo. It takes no more than a couple of minutes. You just need to provide your personal information to ensure the security of your trading account.

Your personal account enables you to track the status of your transactions, deposit and withdraw funds. Here you can also receive news and analytical reviews. In your account, you can also manage the functions and services necessary for trading.

Previously, to enter the market, a trader required a start-up capital equal to tens of thousands of dollars. Now, it’s possible to start trading with any trading deposit.

Download and install the trading terminal

A trading terminal appears to be the main tool of the Forex trader. That’s the primary tool for making transactions in the foreign exchange market.

To download and install the trading terminal, you require a device from which you are going to trade and a stable Internet connection. After installation, you can make currency purchase and sale transactions, track the status of your trading account and analyze currency quotes.

EXANTE provides its customers with access to the foreign exchange market based on the most advanced trading terminal. By the way, they have managed to develop it by themselves. It combines the latest achievements of the IT industry. It’s a very intuitive and reliable trading terminal. By the way, it supports the Drag-n-Drop feature that will make your everyday use of this program more convenient.

Having completed all the previous steps, you can get down to trading. You require choosing the desired currency pair, such as EUR/USD, for example, and open your first trading position.

Transactions in the foreign exchange market can be made using leverage. The given tool will enable you to buy and sell assets in a volume 50 times larger than your own funds. At the same time, your potential profit will also increase 50 times!

How to become a successful trader

Over time, you will be able to develop your own trading strategy and make trading your main source of income. However, this will require perseverance and sufficient practical experience.

Professional currency traders normally understand various methods of market analysis, track the reaction of a particular asset to certain events, analyze successful and unsuccessful deals and what’s more important – they are able to correct their own mistakes. As a result, they constantly polish their skills and demonstrate better performance.

Furthermore, what differs a professional trader from a beginner is his ability to control his emotions. Dealing with fear or euphoria is no less important than correctly analyzing the market. It is best to trade with reasonable and balanced people because the foreign exchange market isn’t the right place for spontaneous decisions.

Perhaps, you have already read enough EXANTE broker reviews and know for sure that you may have a try. Don’t delay this move of yours and get down to trading with EXANTE today.