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SEC regulations followed by EXANTE

SEC requirements followed by EXANTE
Finding a reliable broker is the most important task for any trader especially if you are a serious investor operating with large sums. Today, we’re going to discuss EXANTE – a popular broker meeting all the SEC requirements with the main office in London.
The company was started in 2011. It specializes in investment management.
The EXANTE broker uses innovative solutions. It provides the most favorable access to international financial markets. Besides this, traders can count on transparent pricing, convenient execution of orders, to say nothing of 24/7 customer support.
An important advantage of the EXANTE broker is an effective business model built around the TSP Technology Exchange Program, which is considered stable in the long term. Thanks to it, the maximum transparency of the services provided is ensured.
EXANTE and SEC: meeting strict requirements
The broker has a good reputation. It’s proved by the fact that its activity  is legal and trustworthy. It’s no wonder because none of the SEC regulations have ever been violated by the broker.
Getting down to trading with EXANTE
To open an account with the broker you need to make a deposit of €10,000. As you see, it’s a fairly large sum. As follows from this, the company’s clients are mainly represented by professional investors, asset management companies, venture capital funds as well as other financial institutions.
EXANTE platform
Trading takes place on a highly-effective platform developed by the broker. The terminal supports both automated and manual modes.
The platform comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop function enabling you to easily customize your working environment. The modular structure enables you to change all the charts and remove unnecessary functions. The terminal is available for macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows devices.
Due to the fact that the EXANTE platform supports a network of up to 400 servers around the world, delays in operation are minimal, and data transfer is absolutely safe. Besides this, the company has also introduced a secure SSL connection on all pages of its official website, which makes the theft of personal information almost impossible.
The technical support service works around the clock. So, if you have any issues, the service will instantly respond to have your problem resolved.
In the terminal, users can access more than 150 thousand financial instruments, including stocks, ETFs, currency pairs, precious metals, futures, options, and bonds. What’s more, all tools are accessible from a single account. The given feature is highly praised by traders and reflected in numerous positive reviews online.
Advantages of the official site of the broker
The multilingual interface of the broker’s website is another successfully implemented idea of the creators of the platform.
The site supports all major languages. Geographic boundaries don’t matter for the broker. No matter where traders live, EXANTE can provide them with fast access to trading algorithms and financial markets.
Those who have chosen a high-risk strategy and conservatively minded traders won’t have any problems with working with EXANTE.

The most powerful advantages of the broker
· Innovation: The study of new technologies, tools, and markets enables the trader to implement the best trading and management solutions. EXANTE always implements cutting-edge methods that enable the company to stay at the forefront of technological development.
· Transparency: The company works honestly and transparently, allowing clients and partners to clearly see how their funds are used. EXANTE conducts an open dialogue with each of its investors and quickly resolves issues.
· Security: Needless to say, any investor is concerned about the safety of his money. The broker is responsible for the quality execution of deals. The broker has never had any clashes with its clients.
· High quality: EXANTE defines the main criteria of the company. These are experience and professionalism. The client can be assured that no matter what service is provided to him, it will meet the highest standards.